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                Scott O. Henderson, D.M.D. • Kenneth R. Wyatt, D.M.D.
                  Deborah Porres, D.M.D.

                               285 Elm Street, Suite 200, Cumming, GA  30040
                                 770-887-2915 (Phone)     770-887-0575 (Fax) 


"This dental staff is the most caring and kind that I have encountered in my 80 years.  Thank you everyone for your beautiful care for your patients." Georgia R.

"Jennifer seems like a great addition to your team.  I am glad to have her as my new hygienist." Christine H.

"Always a pleasant experience.  Everyone does a great job making you feel comfortable.  Very professional.  Would highly recommend them for your dental needs." Davin K.

"You all are the best!" Margaret M.

"We have been patients for years and feel appreciated as such.  Everyone recognizes us by name and treats us like family." Douglas S.

"Alway a wonderful experience!" CF

"We have been using the office for over 20 years--It's the best!"  Jack T.

"Arrived early and was seen very quickly.  This visit was the most pleasing teeth cleaning visit that I have ever had, no discomfort from the picks or stabbing pains from dental tools, and very comfortable with the heated neck wrap.  Highly recommend going to this dental office."  Joe S.

"Rhonda is wonderfully personal and business-like.  She hugged me, took me to her chair where we spoke of familiar things, including my medical information.  Then, like Santa, she 'went straight to work' and upon completion, called for Dr. Wyatt to make a final inspection.  Afterward, she walked me to the front desk, made my next appointment, said goodbye and that was that.  What more could anone ask for?"  C. Moore

"This dental practice is wonderful.  It has been my and my husban's pleasure to be patients here.  Unfortunately, we have now moved and will no longer be using the practice.  Thank you for all your years of excellent dental care."  Jane L.

"30 year anniversary this year with Advanced Dental!  Even when we lived in Tampa we would come back twice a year for our appoitnments.  Don't get any better than Kimmie Mathews!" Pepper B.

"I have used this dental practice for at least 40 years.  I was one of Dr. Miller's first patients when he opened his practice in Cumming many years ago.  I would highly recommend Advanced Dental Associates to anyone."  Nina H.

"Dia's friendly welcoming smile is always nice.  Jennifer is new and did a wonderful teeth cleaning today.  She has a wonderful personality also.  Dental care is excellent!  Thanks so much! "Dr. Jim

"Rhonda is by far the best dental hygienist I have ever used!" Austin T.

"I feel like the 50 mile drive is a small inconcenience to get the excellent services that we receive at Advanced Dental."  Larry R.

"These folks are great!  I've been here since 1976 (Dr. Miller) and nothing has changed quality wise."  Danny W.

"Excellent as always!  1st experience with Dr. Porres.  She was great!  Made my daughter and myself feel very comfortable having never seen her before.  If anyone in my family can't see Dr. Henderson, we will definitely ask for her!  Thank you all for everything you do to make your patients feel "at home" in your office.  Christy P.

"This is the best dental practice! Will continue to come here even though my insurance continues trying to get me to use someone in my plan." Connie T.

"Lee Ann did a great job cleaning my teeth today and was very friendly and personable. All of the office staff are always welcoming and efficient." Leigh S.

"As Will Rogers once said, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression."  Always feel welcomed!" Carl S.

"Great STaff.  I have recommended this office to my family after only a couple of visits." Kenneth A.

"I have been coming to this practice for many years.  I have a fear of dentists, but this has greatly decreased based on dealing with people at this practice.  I have had several different procedures done and they were done expertly.  I would recommend his practice to anyone." Sandy

"The dental hygienist was absolutely wonderful!" Darbra M.

"Dr. Wyatt is the best.  Angie, the dental assistant, was great also." Hermine

"I have only been coming to Advanced Dental for 1 year but love the service and my hygienist rocks.  Glad I switched!" Kimberly P.

"Love everyone in the office.  They are very professional."  Margaret M.

"Fast but thorough, knowledgeable, friendly all around a great experience."  Kat B.

"There is a reason I have come to you guys for 27 years and it is the service.  All of the staff is amazing, courteous and professional.  They explain everything and address any issues in a timely manner.  Although I am a patient, I feel like a I am catching up with friends every time I am in for my appointment." Allison N.

"I am nervous anytime a drill is used.  But this visit was not bad.  Very satisfied with the visit and Dr. Henderson."  Betty O.

"Of all the years that my family has visited your office, we've had nothing but a positive experience!!  In fact, you all are just an extension of our family!  Thanks for treating us like one of your own!" Jess S.

"My spouse and I both finished with a smile.  Then we treated ourselves at Dairy Queen." Joanne

"Another amazing experience!  Ms. Kimmie is amazing to me and my entire family, and I would HIGHLY recommend Advanced Denta Associates to anyone!" Matt S.

"Jessica does a great job!" Mike V.

"I had an urgent situation that was causing me a great deal of discomfort, I called late at night and left a message.  I was called back before 8 a.m. the following morning and sitting in the dentist chair by 8:35 a.m.  I was fixed up and on my way to work very quickly.  The staff was so friendly and accommodating.  I am so appreciative of how they helped!"  Katherine B. 

"Friendly, knowledgable staff.  Dia is very welcoming in the reception.  Danyell was very calming and caring.  Dr. Wyatt was excellent in explaining the situations.  Good professional pionion and advice.  Anna at the exit was very cheerfula nd friendly.  ADA was able to fit me in for my emergency quickly after a holiday weekend.  I highly recommend this office."  Dorothy S.

"I love Dr. Porres and all the staff there.  I've never had a bad day at my dental practice.  I thank you all.  We've been with you for over 20 years."  Bev. P.

"Kimmie and Dr. Henderson always take great care of me and the whole process makes me feel like family."  Gary H.

"Everything was great as usual, Kimmie is excellent." Hap E.

"I have been going to Kim for dental cleanings for years!  She is always ready for me and always fun and cracious.  The whole staff is great."  Eileen P.

"Leann is a terrific hygienist and Dr. Wyatt is professional, friendly and a terrific dentist.  I wish I'd had access to this practice years ago." Larry C.

"Everybody in the office was very friendly and engaging.  After not going to a dental appointment in years, Rhonda educated me specifically on what I needed to do to eliminate my gingivitis properly."  Kevin M.

"Advanced Dental is the best thanks to their trusted and professional employees, who truly care deeply about providing the best customer service in the industry." DJ W.

"Kimmie and Dr. henderson are wonderful!"  Kathy P.

" I had an excellent experience with my hygienist.  She made sure that I was never in pain and that I had a pleasant experience.  She was very knowledgeable and easy to talk with.  I would definitely recommend Advanced Dental to my family and friends." Hannah S.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the total experience I had in my first visit to this practice.  My dentist retired and I needed some quick dental work.  They were so gracious and helpful in setting up a plan to get my teeth back to normal.  While I know any dental work can be scary and painful, I feel I'm in good hand to move forward with my future dental health.  Many thanks to the great staff!"  Kenneth A.

"The staff is always very courtesous, friendly and professional.  Advanced Dental Associates continues to be, hands down, the best dental care that I've ever had (and I've hadmy fair share).  I would, without reservation, recommend them to anyone."  Glen M. 

"My daughters had a very nice time during their cleanings with Jessica.  She is very nice, careful and attentive to our needs.  Thank you for Jessica and Dr. Porres for the good care of my daughters.  Nice experience!"  GC

"The ladies in the front spent extra time with me to see if they could determine an estimate of the cost I would have for my procedure after insurance.  Everyone was very nice and listened to my concerns.  I feel very confident my care is going to b up-to-date and a better experience than previous dental work.  I was given options to fix the tooth and future concerns and am going to be able to have this fixed within a week.  Thank you Kimmy for the referral." Anna J

"I had an EXCELLENT APPT.  I think that SUMS IT UP!"  Jimmy H.

"My son has special needs, and can be challengin.  Jessica was patient and kind.  She explained everything that was happening and my son did great!  I have used Advanced Dental for around 30 years myself.  I absolutely love them.  The high quality has been very consistent over years."  Ashley C.

"The most pleasant dental experience.  Had my 6 month cleaning and checkup with Kimmie today, who feels more like family.  Lots of new dental practices in town...Advanced Dental Associates, LLC history...oldest full time dental practice in Cumming!" MST

"Today, I had a different hygienist.  Her name was LeeAnne and she was wonderful!  She was friendly, very polite, and did a great job with my cleaning.  I scheduled my husband for an appointment and made sure he will see her also!  I appreciate your office and professionalism every time I am there.  Thanks for all that you do!" Christie B.

"Been receiving care at this practice for years.  Service is excellent and I would highly recommend."  Barry J.

"Everyone there is alway great.  Very friendly and courteous.  The fleece blanket and warm neck wrap really adds comfort to the visit.  I alway refer others.  I have been a patient for over 20 years and wouldn't think of changing."  Gail H.

"I refer peaople to Advanced Dental Associates all the time.  I have a real fear when it comes to dental procedures, so the extra TLC and assurance I receive from every employee when I enter the office is so important to me, and effective!  I would not go anywhere else!  Thank you, ADA!" Tara S.

"I love Dr. Wyatt." Leigh R.

"Kimmie is no.1 in my book!! " Dale Stauber

"I would recommend and do recommend Kimmie Mathews to everyone.  She is always friendly, nice and a pleasure to deal with."  Kathy

"As always, a great to schedule, fast to repair and done right the first time.  Nice folks, who care about their patients."  Larry C.

"Kimberly provided a professional and thorough cleaning of my teeth.  It is a pleasure to deal with Christian folks.  Dr. Henderson is always professional and it is an honor to have him as my dentist.  Terry S.

"I have always been satisfied with the service I get from Advanced Dental Associates.  Always friendly and Patient."  Catherine H.

"They were able to fit me in on the day I called to make an appointment due to an extreme tooth sensitivity.  Everyone was delightful, as always.  Kim, my hygienist, even recognized my voice and stepped into the room to greet me.  Quite impressive."  Michelle S.

"I have only visited your office 2 times and both times I have seen Jessica.  She is a great hygienist!  She is thoughtful, kind and aware.  It's been a long time since I have had an experience like this at a dental office.  Thank you!"  Kim P.

"We drive 45 miles one way, so I think that says something for Advanced Dental Associates.  Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving, Christmas and healthy New Year."  Larry R. 

"Rhonda is the best dental hygienist!! Dr. Scott Henderson is the best dentist!!  Love the office staff as well!!  Best office in Cumming, Georgia!" S. Clark

"It is ALWAYS a positive experience at my visits at Advanced Dental Associates.  I have been going to this practice for the past 9 years.  They have successfully treated family memers that "fear the dentist", prescribe only work that needs to be done, are incredibly prompt with appointment times and the entire staff is warm and friendly.  I have recommended their services to many!"  Debbie J.

"Kim is the BEST!!  I felt so special leaving today when she gave me a hug!!  You all are always so friendly!!" Kelly V.

"Dr. Wyatt and Rhonda are awesome people.  I have only seen Dr. joiner since I moved to Cumming in 1980 I think.  Thank you for making his retirement such a smoth transition for me.  Everyone has just jumped in and made me feel right at home."  Bonney I. 

"Even though my dental experience was larger and more urgent to me than Advanced Dental, They treated me like it was the most important thing that had happened in their day as well!!  Thanks to them for fitting me in within an hour!  Cindy J.

"I couldn't imagine relying on anyone else for my dental needs. The entire staff is amazing. They understand my needs 100%."  DS

"I love Advanced Dental Associates! The staff is always very friendly and helpful behind the desk.
Kimmie is always very sweet and professional, whenever I come in for a cleaning. Dr. Henderson is an excellent dentist and is very gentle, as well. It is always a wonderful feeling knowing that I am taking care of my teeth and I never feel pressured to do anything beyond what is necessary. I trust this dental practice 100%!" Diana W.

"I had a wonderful experience. I was quite nervous about getting my final filling after having my first root canal, but Dr. Wyatt put me at ease and explained every step of my painless procedure.
Kimmie then gave me X-rays and a complete cleaning, also painless and comprehensive.
This practice was highly recommended to me, and I totally agree I look forward to returning for future dental care." Chesta D.

"have the upmost respect and trust in Dr. Henderson. Even though we will be moving to Jefferson, Ga in late October I will continue to see Dr. Henderson. " Linda D.

"It's always a pleasure to come in and have a nice visit with Rhonda. We also get the cleaning junk out of the way while we catch up :-)" Rob S.

"Miss Rhonda has been our hygienist 30+ years. She's The best of the best!! We think of her more like family than somebody we Have to see twice a year." Howard and Jamie U. 

"was really anxious about this appointment but I knew Dr. Henderson has never failed me:). His assistant was wonderful. Everyone in the office was very friendly. I have been a patient here for over 30 years." Anita F.

"I just wanted to let everyone know that I truly appreciated all the extra care I was given during my cleaning. Kimberly was friendly, kind and compassionate. I did not hesitate to make you all our family dentist." Tifanny

Everyone is so nice! Kimmie is a wonderful hygienist! She does a great job with my husband & I both. She's such a pleasure to be around!"  Ginger C.

"I've been going to this practice since the late 1970s Does THAT tell you anything?" Danny W.

"Fantastic cleaning as always! Please keep up the good work!" Alexandria B.

"As always courteous and professional and very friendly."  Alicia E.

"Kim did an amazing job. She is always so friendly. I've had other people clean my teeth, but Kim is much more thorough." JL

"I had an "emergency" of a broken tooth which of course is in itself stressful. I was given an appointment the same day I called and was contacted right away when a cancellation occurred. I had a medical issue also (concussion) which made any dental work difficult-Dr. Wyatt worked around that situation and the care and concern he and his entire staff did was deeply appreciated. I have a temporary fix for right now and will return for follow-up permanent work. Really, really appreciate everything that everyone did. I am recommending Advanced Dental Associates to all my family and friends. Thank you!!!"  Theresa S.

"Can't imagine going anywhere else. This office has given great service for all the many years I have been a patient. Thanks so much!!!"  JoAnn G.

"Dr Wyatt and Kimberly are the best dental professionals I've had in my 69 years." Tom B.

"My family and I have been served by Advanced Dental Associates for 15 years. We love our hygienist, Kim. She is very attentive, very calming if we're nervous, extremely thorough and gentle. She's always upbeat and positive, which is so welcoming. The dentists are cautious, give attention to detail, listen to our concerns, and are very knowledgeable. The front office staff is courteous and always willing to help or accommodate our needs. We are so thankful for such a great dental practice close to home, up to date, filled with wonderful employees who genuinely care about our family. We have referred many friends and family to ADA, and every one of them has remained a patient there due to it being a wonderful practice all the way around." Tara S.

"Everything is always great! Kim is wonderful. I'd hate to have a survey done on me b/c I always run late to my appointment, and y'all always take me. . . .. . . Thanks as always for cleaning my teeth!" John D.

"Dr Henderson and Kim are great to work with." Gary W.

"Kimmie's the best."  Bill M.

"If I have to go to the dentist, there is no other office I would consider. I never feel like a number here, and my treatments and cleaning are always first class."  Michael T.

"Thank you for getting me into your office quickly. I really appreciated Penny's hard work in getting my temporary crown to fit just right & for sending me with a repair kit just in case!" Kasey A.

"Dr. Wyatt was very professional and honest about what I needed. Rhonda Cochran was very thorough with my cleaning!!  Highly recommend this practice."  Delilah W.

"It is always a good experience at your practice. My hygienist was great and very knowledgeable about me and my dental needs." Victor

"Always a pleasure as much as an appt at the dentist is!" April H.

"Dr. Wyatt & his assistant worked diligently to repair a broken tooth It was my very back tooth and hard to get to." Peggy P.

"I had Kimme for the first time as my hygienist and I really liked her. Kimme is my wife's hygienist and I had her today because my regular hygienist was not in the office, but I am seriously thinking about switching hygienists." Garry J.

"Jessica is very professional and a delightful young lady!" Linda A.

"Yearly cleaning-my technician was Kim who was not only professional but warm and caring. The warm neck compress was a nice addition!!! Dr. Wyatt was very professional and explained what future work I needed. Other personnel in the office also very helpful. Great experience and I will be recommending this dental office to friends. Thank you!!!!!!" Theresa S.

"With all the drama Cara brings with her, Dr. Henderson went above and beyond! We love ADA!" Christy P.

"Could not have received better treatment! The practice has a wonderful staff." Marilyn

"Dr. Wyatt did a great job explaining every step of my crown replacement. He told me what to expect before each step. I thought his communication was excellent. Penny was very pleasant and professional They both made my procedure a very positive experience. I am glad to recommend Dr. Wyatt and your practice to my friends. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my family over the years." Doug P.

"Advanced Dental Associates is a fabulous dental practice......from the office personnel to the dental assistants to the dentists themselves. Everyone is caring, friendly, professional and gives exceptional care and service." BJ K.

"Very pleased." Bill M.

"Office staff and doctors were polite and informative as always."  Roy W.


"First Time today- Welcome letter and gift had a smile on my face immediately.  Had an amazing visit actually for a dental office.  I would highly recommend to all ages.  Best Dental experience ever!"  AD

"April is the Best!"  Phil S.

"Great atmosphere, energetic and professional expertise. Generous time taken to explain follow-up treatment."  David V V

"Enjoyed the warm neck wrap. I needed it this morning." Miike

"Kim is absolutely amazing! She has been taking care of me and my family for years and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks, as always, for providing exceptional care!!!" Matt S.

"I'm so glad I discovered this place when I moved here 12 yrs ago. Dia is awesome. The Doctors are the best in town. I will never use anyone other than Dr. Porres or Dr. Henderson.  Dr. Henderson has really performed miracles on my teeth and they look great.  Dr. Porres took such great care of my son Braden on a weekend she was on call. She got back to me within 10minutes told me what I should do and called in antibotics  and had him in as the first patient that Monday. She even called several days later to check up on him. Most doctors don't do that anymore but this practice really cares about each patient's needs. It is the most professional dental office I have ever been to. Appointments are easy to get. Thanks Advanced Dental for all you do for me and my family." MD

"They were able to work me into their schedule so I could have a broken tooth fixed before it became an emergency. I am grateful for the great care I received." Ed J.

"Great job as always!" Jeanie S.

"This dental practice is the best !! Kimmie and Cheryl always take great care of me and Dia and the front desk women are always so nice and sweet!! Of course I love Dr. Henderson. He is the best dentist I have ever had work on my teeth." Vicki C.

"Rhonda is so friendly and capable. She makes a trip to the dentist a pleasure."  Mary H.

"Great job. Very friendly office staff. April is so great at her job. Love my dentist,  I have been using this practice over 40 maybe 50 years. They all do a great job. Thanks for being their for me." Louise D.

"The staff was very courteous and Kim Meier did a thorough and outstanding job. They all left a great impression on my first time visit. I would certainly recommend this office to others. Thank you for making a dental appointment a pleasant one!." Scott V.

"I always experience professional service and I am very glad that I found the practice." Gary H.

"Kimberly is awesome!!!"  Chuck S.

"I hate going to the dentist, but I like all the people at ADA, so it makes it easier."  Robert E.

"I began going to this dental practice when it opened its doors in the 1970's. Although our small town has grown rapidly, I still have the small town feeling when I go there for my visits. I appreciate the kindness everyone shows and I recommend the place to anyone who asks for a dental practice to use."  Kathy C.

"Your entire team is friendly and professional, and that makes going to the dentist an enjoyable experience.  Many thanks!"  Glen M.

"Loved Kimberly! She was great! I also liked Dr. Henderson very much.  Very glad I came to this practice. Was highly recommended by friends."  Cheryl G.

"My husband and I have been going to Advanced Dental for a long time.  We are very happy with them and would never think about going anywhere else."  Brenda J.

"I love my dental hygienist! I strongly recommend this practice! So friendly and timely. Thank you for an amazing dental experience always!" Jessica D. 

"Very professional staff. Excellent cleaning job."  Clark T.

"Thank you to everyone for a wonderful experience!" Leigh H.

"One of the best practices I have ever been to.  The front office team is awesome!  The clinical staff is great, too, and the doctor did a good job for me today.  Thank you so much for working me in for a late afternoon appointment.  I appreciate it very very much."  Craig H.

"This practice is flawlessly run. It's always a pleasure to visit as the appointments are always timely and the staff is always very helpful and pleasant."  AP

"I LOVE my Kimmie and the rest of the staff like Dia are awesome too. I drive from Suwanee to Cumming just to have my dental appt with Dr Henderson and team. Keep up the great customer service!  Merry Christmas!" Terry W.

"We started using Advanced Dental with Dr. Joiner when we lived in Cumming. Sixteen years ago we moved to Dahlonega and we still use Advanced Dental even though they are not on our dental plan. Would not dream of changing." Connie T.

 "I have always enjoyed my visits to your practice." Nancy E.

In a small pot, stir 1/2 cup quinoa, a pinch of nutmeg and 1 tsp of grated ginger into a cup of water. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat, cover the pot and simmer for 10 minutes. Stir in the prunes and rice milk. Cover again and cook another 5 minutes. Before serving, stir in 1 tbsp of flaxseed oil.

"I love Advanced Dental Associates. I moved to Habersham county 9 years ago and I drive 80 miles one way to continue seeing Rhonda & Dr. Henderson. I am an extremely satisfied customer!! Thank you for all that you do!!!" Kay M.

"As I told my dental hygienist, Kimmie, I am one of the blessed people out there who love going to the dentist. Kimmie exhibits great skill and thoroughness in performing the cleaning of my teeth consistently on each visit. She is always very friendly, cheerful, and polite. When asked how I felt at the end of the visit, I told her that I feel like I drove through a car wash with the top down and my mouth wide open. It is quite an invigorating and satisfying feeling to know that a true dental professional is taking care of my teeth!"  Frank H.

"Dr. Wyatt is a great dentist. Always helpful and thorough. Kimmie is a wonderful hygienist. Always friendly and gives a pain free cleaning." Tim C.

"We have been patients for many years and made to feel like familyl  Thanks to ALLl!!  Judy H.

"Most people frown on going to dentist but for me it's a social hour. Such great people. ALL of their staff are very friendly and always smiling. THE BEST !!"  Larry C.

"I used to always hate to come to the dentists, but since I've been coming here all that's changed." Danny S.

"Thanks for taking such good care of me-Kimmie and Dr Henderson :))" A Bagley

"You guys are GREAT!" Ron K.

"We have been very pleased with your office and the staff for many years! Thank you!"  The Mapp Family

"Dr. Henderson is the best! He's courteous, professional and so polite! I would recommend him to everyone." Cindy M.

"I always have a pleasant experience at this dental office. I would gladly recommend this dental practice to others." Diana

"Everyone is so friendly and the second I walk in they know who I am and I'm greeted." Jonathan C.

"My family and I have been patients at Advanced Dental Associates for over 15 years. Each time I have been the staff was very friendly and accommodating. The offiice is always clean with an upbeat atmosphere. They truly care about their patients." Nancy K.

"All the staff Rocks and Kim is the best hygienist!!" Donna Z.

"My husband and I have been using Advanced Dental Associates for a number of years and have never been disappointed. Very professional care." Nancy E.

"I was given an appt when I called today & it was right away.  You all were great." Frank J

"Kimmie is great! She's very personable and fun! And let's me know what she's doing and what she sees." Janet P.

"Great Dental office! Dr. Wyatt and Kim are very nice." Shawna B.

Awesome first visit, everyone was so nice from receptiin to the dental hygenist, Kimberly, who was fabulous." Chuck S.

"Kim Matthews was amazing!! Her customer care and people skills go above and beyond!! I appreciate her so much!!" Laura B.

"This dental cleaning appointment was the best I have ever experienced. The hygienist was so sweet and professional. I had a heated neck wrap, oh my goodness, it was so very relaxing! Everyone in the office was nice, professional and efficient. Thank you very much!
I am a patient for life:)"  Barbara L.

"I love Dr. Henderson and the whole staff at Advanced Dental. They are always prompt and efficient, while maintaining a professional and friendly atmosphere. My hygienist, Kimmie, is wonderful! She always remembers special events and makes a point to ask about things we talked about at the previous visit. Overall I am highly satisfied!" Mandy M.

"As always, my visit was very professional and courteous! The caring and helpful manner in which
your staff has always treated me does not go unnoticed. I'm very thankful for having the services of such a wonderful practice!" Bud Galland

"I had an additional problem, Dr. Henderson, w/o hesitation checked and fixed condition, he said, to save me an extra visit. My appt was to receive placement of permanent crown, that too, went wonderfully!! Thank you Dr. Henderson & Staff!!" Linda D.

"Competent and friendly staff." William G.

"The staff was superb! DIa was extremely helpful for coordinating an appointment in an emergency situation. Dr. Wyatt did a fantastic job and I really appreciate his ability, concern, expertise and congeniality."  Gary J.

"Feels like family."  Ken W.

"I appreciated that Kimberly was communicative so I knew exactly what she was doing every step of the appointment. My teeth feel and look wonderful. She listened to what I said, and gave me sips of water during the exam. I am off Periodontal Maintenance and back to a status of regular cleaning. I'm delighted. Dr. Scott Henderson was very quiet in nature but seems to be very nice and efficient." Mary S.

"April is the best!" Dan S.

"I was having a dental concern, but my hygienist made me feel 100% sure that it wasn't anything wrong. My teeth feel as clean as ever!" Alex B.

"I've been a patient for over 25 years and have always received excellent treatment. I have and will continue to refer others to see Kim for cleaning and Dr. Wyatt for any dental work." Al E.

"Kimberly does an excellent job. Pleasant, doesn't hurt me, and is very professional. Just wish you could cut your prices a little." Terry S.

"Everyt time I enter Advanced Dental Associates I am welcomed by Dia's warming welcoming smile, every staff member is professional and takes extra good care of me, and I leave feeling like I'm part of their family!" Stephanie W.

"100% satisfied. All involved are 1st class. I am humbled just to be in their presence as they are professional in every way."  Danny S.

"My appointment went very smoothly! I am so glad my family and I have found a dentist in town and closer to home. I will HIGHLY recommend you folks!" Mike

"Our family is very happy with the dental care we receive and will continue coming back. Thank you!" Karen S.

"Everyone is always so nice and friendly.Dr.Henderson is just the best!" Patricia M.

"April does a great job. She does an exceptional job cleaning my teeth. She is the consummate professional. Dr. Wyatt is fantastic. I really trust him and appreciate his patience with questions. From the front to the back, you guys are a class act. My wife and I recommend you to all our friends." Doug P.

"I have been a patient with Advanced Dental for more than ten years. My children learned not to be afraid of dental hygiene because of Advanced Dental, and now, as adults, they continue to practice good oral health care due to the expertise they received as children. Advanced Dental was recommended to me when I started my career in Cumming, GA, and now I recommend Advanced Dental to my friends." Darbra M.

"Miss Ronda and the entire staff is top notch. I actually look forward to going. It's more like a day at the spa than a dental visit."  John M.

"Absolutely love April!!!! She is awesome!!!" Kathy W.

"Kimmy is great!" Amy Y.

"Great group of people. All professionals!!" Larry R.

"Nice place, nice people." Rob M.

"Kimmie was my hygienist today, and I like her very much. She made sure my teeth were completely clean and made sure I was comfortable throughout the visit." Sydney H.

"Everyone was friendly and please . My Dr. Explained everything so I could understand ." Denise S.

"Dr Wyatt is an all star."  Joe B

"One of the many things I appreciate most about this office is my hygienist & my dentist, Dr. Porres. I never feel like I am being offered services just to run up the bill. I know that's a sad commentary on other dentists I have encountered in many places, but they do what is wisely needed here. As a self-payer, that's very important to me. Thank you." BP

"I have been going to this office for over 18 years and I love Kim, who has always cleaned my teeth. She always asks how my family is doing and is a great hygienist." Tracey C.

"Thank you Kimmie. Its always a pleasure to have you clean my teeth, which you know I hate having done. You always make it a good experience."  Marianne W.

"Kimmie cleaned my teeth and they feel so clean and fresh! She is so sweet and explained everything to me. I look forward to my next clean . Dr Henderson was very professional . I miss Dr. Joiner but I think he left his business in good hands ." Susie H.

"Great staff at this pratice.. My whole family has always loved Ronda our Hygenistis! A big thank you to Dr. Henderson for the extra repair of my partials today" Bob J.

"Excellent staff and service!!  Thank you all so very much!!" Elaine A.

"Going to the Dentist is probably my least favorite thing to do, but my experience today at this office changed me forever. The entire staff calmed my nerves and made me feel so comfortable. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone!!" Alicia R.

"I drive from Norcross because you guys are so great!"  Kevin S.

"Kim Meier is an AWESOME hygienist. This past visit I had a few concerns, and she addressed each of the concerns in conjunction with Dr. Joiner."  Kevin A.

"Advanced Dental Associates ise the best. Friendly staff, very clean office and Dr.Henderson is by far the best dentist. Kim does my cleanings and she is awesome. I just referred a gentleman today to this pratice. I have been going to them since I was 10 years old and could not imagine going anywhere else.They are the BEST!!!!"  Ginger S.

"Well led organization with great people - hard combo to find these days. Thank you!" Jim T.

"This is one of the best dental experiences ever! My gums were not sore after cleaning. Kimmie was very kind and gentle. Dr. Henderson presented himself very well. I will feel confident going back for the procedure that was recommended. Thank you for a good experience." Elizabeth H.

"I like the staff at Advanced Dental. Kim does a great job and knows her business well. Dr. Henderson is a great guy and I like the way he does not jump to doing something right away. He has offered some great advice in saying "let's wait and see what happens". With other doctors I may have had 2 caps and a root canal by now! The important point is that he diagnosed it well. I did wait and things have gotten better." Gary W.

"A little hard to find need a bigger sigin ! But overall a wonderful experience ! Every one was so friendly ! Kimme I think her name was ( sorry if I am wrong ) was awsome made me feel like I was special and that she cared ! That is very hard to find in this day and age ! Thank you for you wonderful service ! I will be back !" Jonah V.

"I have always received excellent care at Advanced Dental. Dr Henderson and the staff are very caring, courteous, and professional. I have been going to Rhonda C for my dental cleaning for many years also and she is great!" Glennis B.

"I have been coming here for 25 years and the care I receive is why I continue to come. I love how Dia knows me as soon as I walk in the door!. Today I saw a new hygienist, Kimberly, she was thorough, professional, and such a sweetheart! I liked her so much that she is the one I will continue to use." Allison

"Great service. Always makes us feel like family. Would be happy to refer to anybody in need of a great dentist and associates." Dana D.

"We have always had a great experience over the many years we have visited!" Jess S.

"Arrived a little nervous about my 2 hour appt. Dr. Wyatt and assistant, Penny, calmed me and made me comfortable. They let me know at every step what was about to happen which made the little bit of discomfort an easier experience." Judy

"Kimberly was very professional and efficient. Very pleased." Will P.

"Dr. Henderson and Kimmie make going to the dentist a pleasant experience. I really appreciate the personal care both take with my dental health." Jeff

"April is wonderfully skilled. Her knowledge of the dental field and human health relaxes me in the chair. Her detail to attention is extra confidence I am getting what I paid for." John L.

"It was my son's first dentist appointment today as he recently turned three. I was nervous to see how he would do. Kimmie and Dr Wyatt were excellent with him. Many friends kept telling me to bring him to a pediatric dentist but I wanted to see how he would do with Advanced Dental first. It was a great first experience and I feel confident bringing my children here. Thank you for a great first!" Julie F.

"As always, for many years, everyone was great. Cannot imagine a better dental experience. Thanks."  Bobby D.

"My hygienist Kimmie is great! Entire staff is great!  Thanks for the great care!" Tony T.

"I've been coming to this practice for over 25 years and have been completely satisfied over the years. My only wish is that if I had better teeth, I wouldn't have to visit your office as much." AI E

"Kim did a great job and everyone was very friendly. That matters to me. Thanks for all that you do." David C.

"Rhonda Cochran is the best!! We love Dr Henderson,too!" Suzanne C.

"Always pleased!" A.H.

"I have been a patient here for about 30 years. As a child my hygienist Robin was great. Still today you always have friendly, patient and caring hygienists. Jessica has been cleaning my teeth for several years now and is wonderful. I took my 6 year old son in today. He has some issues with anxiety and her patience with him was amazing. She explained everything to him, took it at his pace and never broke her positive dimenour. He can be a challenge and she made it a wonderful experience. Thank you so much." Ashley C.

"Kimmy has always done an AMAZING job! My children LOVE her and she is the main reason we still go to Advanced Dental even after moving out of the area. The entire staff is very courteous and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a top quality dental practice. Thanks for everything!"  Matt S.

"have been a patient at Advanced Dental Associates for over 20 years. I have never had a bad experience with any of the dentists or the staff. They are all very caring and polite. I would highly recommend this dental practice to anyone at any age. They are great with children as well as adults. Thank you." Lisa

"The staff is very professional, and helpful." William P.

"Dr. Henderson did a wonderful in explaining my options and treatment. I appreciate that he took the time from his busy schedule to answer all my questions, even though I wanted to think about it before I made a decision. This is the reason I love Advanced Dental Associates." Beverly J.

"Y'all are great! We appreciate what you do." Melody D.

"This is the best of any dental office in Cumming." Lola K.

"April is the best hygienist ever!" Allison T.

"Everyone is awesome!" Carlton S.

"Great job! Friendly staff love my dentist. thanks to everyone." Louise D.

"The Staff are extremly polite, professional and caring. This was My first visit and they All exceeded Excellence! I will highly recommend them to All!!!!!"  Letosha H.

"This was my first visit to Advanced Dental Associates and I was very impressed. The staff was extremely friendly. The service was great. The office is amazing. I highly recommend them."  Matthew P.

"My experience with this practice has always been great. I'm not a big fan of going to the dentist but Dr Porres and her staff always make me feel comfortable. I would recommend this practice to anyone. I have moved from the area but still make the drive to be treated here." Connie R.

"Great job done by all. Friendly staff. Excellent Dental practice. Keep up the great work." Louise D.

"2 things I'd like to add:  The front desk person that checks people in is always polite, friendly and quick. I am always impressed because I'm not used to such friendly, efficient service whether it be in a dentist office, doctor's office, etc. My dental hygienist Jessica is just as impressive. She's great at cleaning teeth, very professional and friendly. I work 25 minutes away at Johns Creek and could easily find a dentist office 2 minutes away, but Jessica keeps me going to your practice!" Darryl J.

"There is no better dental office, in my opinion, anywhere in this state. I would HIGHLY recommend any/all my friends (and I do) to go to this office, and I will never stop bragging about your professionalism, honesty, and profound talent. Bless you, ALL!!!" DJ W.

"I am glad I found April to clean our teeth. She is very thorough and friendly we want her to be our family hygienist." Carlisle P.

"Jessica Jarrard has been my hygienist for years and she is always wonderful. She always makes my experience pleasant and she is very professional." Jared G

"I appreciate the extra effort of the financial person to secure my insurance payment."

"Staff is always helpful with any questions or issues that may come up." Roy W.

"Great service, Friendly staff!" Kristen K.

"I am totally satisfied. My only wish is that they were an in-network provider for my insurance company." Danny S.
"Enjoyed my new hygienist Kimberly. Lots of horse stories in common." Bruce T.

"Love love love Dr. Henderson!! He is so kind, gentle, and understanding!" CB

"As always everyone was courteous and pleasant and professional. A joy to come in and be treated with such a wonderful group." Lisa E.

"Oddly, it is such a pleasure for me to go to the dentist! Rhonda is always so easy to talk with and she truly makes me feel welcome there. I've been going to this dental practice for over 40 years and I recommend it to others in need of a good hometown dental facility." Kathy C.

"All of the staff were polite and caring. Dr. Henderson is friendly as well. My teeth feel clean and polished!"  WR

"Penny was on her toes sweet and professional as ever. I really liked Dr. Wyatt, explained ever step even tho I being a former assistance knew what was next. all great with visit!" Nancy B.

"Dr. Wyatt and Savannah did an excellent job! Thanks all!" Glenn E.

"LOVE Mrs. Rhonda!  She's been cleaning my teeth for years and always taken good care of me.  Also Anna and the rest of the the front office are always kind. If you want the best doctor, I just love Dr. Henderson.This is the best Dentist around.!!" Pat T.

"I am always glad to report that when I leave the dentist office without pain or future appts. to fix a problem, then I have had a great visit.  Jessica is so good and Dr. Porres makes any "white knuckle" patient (like me) feel completely at ease and comfortable in the exam chair.  Thank you and I am glad to note that my visit today was great!" EStella  G.

"Kim is always so professional and thorough. I know I am getting a good cleaning and while doing so I get to catch up with her. It's like seeing a family member. Doctor is so thorough which to me, equates to caring." PW

"Everyone was so kind and they worked me in even though I was a new patient. They even managed to get me in to see an endodontist that same day for a root canal. I will gladly refer them to friends and co-workers." Kathy E.

"Kim does an excellent job!!" Teresa B.
"I love Kimmie and Dr Porres!" Pallice W.

Awesome folks, professional service!" Fran M.

"Dr. Henderson continues to represent advanced dental associates as the premier dental service. I truly love his patient service and care. Dr. Henderson has been my dentist for at least 15 years. He is excellent."  Jeff C.

"Rhonda always does an excellent job cleaning my teeth. She is always prompt, thorough and friendly. I am always pleased with Advanced Dental's services. The staff is extremely courteous, professional and helpful."  Dee G.

" Had my twin grandsons with me and staff was especially kind to them
Took them back and showed them the exam room
which will hopefully give them a positive outlook about dentist since they are just two yrs old." Debbie F.

"I appreciate the cheerful atmosphere of this office. The staff has always been upbeat when I have been there."  Nancy K.

"Love you Guys!!" Eva A.

"Well done in all regards. We were looking for a new dental practice after our move to the cumming area and we found it! Thanks for working me in on such short notice." David V V

"I love everyone at Advanced Dental Associates!! I always walk out satisfied, even though my son can be a tough one with his gagging, You guys are so good with him and know how to make him comfortable!! I can not say enough good things about you guys. You guys rock!!" Tanya W.

"Very Pleased!!!" Phil S.

"We love Mrs. Kimmie! She is great with my young daughter. Thank you!" Julie J.

" I have been a patient at advanced dental associates for nearly 20 years. The staff has always been friendly and understanding. I have always recommended them." Nancy K.

"Thanks for the great service and attention to details."  Danny A.

"This was my first actual procedure with Dr. Wyatt, and I was quite pleased. He kept me informed throughout, and the procedure was free of pain. Dr. Joiner will be pleased to hear that I am in good hands!" Carroll S.

"You all are wonderful. Have a great summer." Angela W.

"I had to wait because I forgot to take my medication. Staff was great in working me in for a later appointment." Larry B.

"You all make going to the dentist fun. It's like visiting Family! Big hugs to Kim."  Jodie D.

"Very clean, prompt and professional!"  Terry M.

"April is always very nice and professional. She always does a very good job cleaning my teeth. I am very impressed with Dr. Wyatt. He is very meticulous in his examination of my teeth. Dr. Wyatt does an excellent job explaining everything he's doing with my teeth. I feel like I am in excellent hands with April and Dr. Wyatt." Doug P.

"Very professional and thorough." Carole J.

"Everyone was very polite, knowledgeable, and professional." Jim J.

"We love the office. Everyone is always so nice. Dr. Henderson is great and ofcourse Kimmie is wonderful." Melissa G.

"I have used Advanced Dental since it opened. I have never had anything but excellent service?? Keep up the great work guys!!!"  Dale B.

"To Advanced Dental Associates. You are blessed to have April Rogers."  Greg H.

"Kimmie & Dr. Henderson were great as always! I always look forward to my visits at Advanced Dental Associates because of the excellent customer service and thorough treatment that they consistently provide." Ben B.

"Everyone is always so nice and friendly and always spending time and never seem to rush you out and on to the patient."  Keith H.

"Best Dentist office ever! Everyone is so professional and friendly. I wouldn't ever consider any where else." John M.

"I never have to wait. Jessica is a wonderful dental hygienist and Dr. Henderson has a very comforting bedside manner and is very reassuring and gentle when performing procedures. I have been using this practice since I was three and am about to bring my own three year old for his first appointment." Holly S.

"have been going to this practice for over three decades and I think it is one of the most wonderful medical offices ever. Typically, it's the front office staff that goes out of its way to greet patients in most medical practices. And in this practice, the front office staff does a very good job greeting the customer. However, oddly enough and unusual, The clinical staff in this office also goes way above and beyond their responsibility in greeting and making the patient feel welcome and comfortable." Phillip C.

"I have always had a good experience at this office. Rhonda is a delight to visit with for my cleaning." Robert J.

"They were AWESOME and very patient with my son during his first filling!!" Jana B.

"Great dentist office. I've been going here since the mid-80's. At some point, I've seen every dentist in the office. They all seem to have a caring attitude and are very professional with clients. DH are great to work with." John D.

"Great office! Very pleasant exam. I found the staff was easy to talk to. Thank you!!"  Clint T.

"LOVE this dental practice!!!" Alisa S.

"Today was my second appointment at Advanced Dental Associates, and whereas I was a bit nervous going in the first time, I felt no ambivalence about returning because that first visit was so fantastic. The first visit was a basic biannual cleaning, but the second was to fix an old crumbled out filling. The fact that I was not apprehensive going in for a more involved appointment is a testament to the level of comfort everyone in the office provides!" Stefanie H.

"I have never had a bad experience with you all. Thanks for the great service!" Jess S.

"Advanced Dental is the greatest change in Dentists I ever made. Kimmie the hygienist my family uses is amazing. Dr Henderson is kind, soft spoken and gentle but gets the job done. I love this dentistry group and will never change."  Lisa B.

"You guys are AWESOME!" Wade M.

"Advanced dental is by far the most professional and courteous dental office I have ever used and my hygienist is excellent, no pain from her means no dreading the dentist office for me." Dwayne S

"I love ADA! I would never go anywhere else!!!" Angela W.

"Even though I could go to a closer dentist practice (I live in Gainesville), I bring my family here because of the terrific staff, from the front office to the hygienists to the dentists." Eric H.

"Dr. Wyatt is a sweetheart. He is caring, gentle and proficient. The assistants were, also, very gentle and caring. As a former dental professional, I feel completely confident and comfortable in Dr. Wyatt's care. I will not hesitate recommending him to all who ask." Margaret J.

"I have been a patient for more than 24 years and have recommended several of my friends and relatives to utilize your services. The staff employed there have been most helpful over the years and I plan to remain coming for treatments and cleaning, hopefully for another 24 plus years. My sincere thanks for all that you have done for me in the past." Allen E.

"On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give you 11 ." Annette M.

"Very pleasant visit. The staff is always willing to listen to my nervous chatter." William P.

"i felt as if my dentist and her assistant gave me their very best today. They "worked me in" and took such good care of me! I appreciated their quality work and kindness." Donna H.

"Kimmie is my hygienist, and I see Dr. Henderson. They are both why I visit Advanced Dental. They both make visiting the dentist a pleasure. I have visited Dr Henderson at least 16 years. He is a very kind and caring dentist. Dr. Henderson and Kimmie make me feel like family." Jeff

"We love all of are the very best... Thank you for excellent and exceptional care..." Dianne P.

" I was very pleased with Dr. Wyatt's manner and his patience during my appointment 2/2/15. I also liked his assistant." Catherine H.

"Kimmie rocks! Very professional and makes the dental experience more comfortable."  Kerri F.

" Thank you so much! Everyone there has always surpassed my expectations!" CBP

"Advanced Dental Associates is by far the best I've ever used for my dental needs. All the staff are very friendly. Dr. Henderson and my Hygenist, Rhonda Cochran, are the best." Blaine B.

"Always get the best care. Thank you!" Kathy P.

"I feel that I had the best cleaning possible. Kim, my Hygienist is the best of the best. I wouldn't say it, If it wasn't true." Lola K.

"I am always very pleased with everything about Advanced Dental Associates. I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so." Beth K.

"Dr. Wyatt and the staff at Advanced Dental Associates are the best!!! Believe it or not, I look forward to going every three months to make sure that my teeth and gums are well maintained." Hermine P.

" My dentist is the best. she is so kind and gentle, I don't mind going to the dentist at all. very friendly personal in the office. I have been going to this practice almost 40 years that should tell you lots. I have refer others to this practice. GREAT JOB DONE BY ALL. THANKS" Nancy

"We have been coming to Advanced Dental for 3 years now. They have provided really great service and dental care to my daughter and me. My daughter loves Ms.Kimmie and takes great care of her teeth so she can make Ms. Kimmie proud. Ms. Kimmie makes her visits so pleasant that my daughter looks forward to going to the dentist office. I would recommend this practice in a heartbeat." Ashwini W.

"Always prompt and professional." Lisa S.

"I have been with this Dental practice almost 40 years. Everyone up front is so very friendly and helpful. My hygienist April and Dentist Dr. Porres do great work, Both are very good at what they do. Thanks Advanced Dental Associates for doing a wonderful job . Merry Christmas to all." Nancy D,

"Great experience by Dr. Wyatt and staff." Kimberly M.

"Everybody at Advanced Dental is always extremely professional, friendly and downright nice! They do great work and I'd highly recommend them to anyone." Glen M.

"Always the best! Thank you very much. I will miss Dr. Joiner but I know that Dr. Wyatt will also take good care of me." Cathy B.

"Rhonda is a GREAT hygienist!" Raybon C.

"For over 5 years, my family and I have been patients at this practice. From the front office staff, to the hygienists, to the Doctors, these are some of the most kind and professional people I have ever encountered. They all listen to our concerns and needs, and do everything in their power to make our visits as pleasant as possible. Today, I needed to be seen on short notice, for a bit if an emergency; I lost TWO fillings. Though a busy practice, and having to work me in to the schedule, I was treated promptly, and with the same care and professionalism I have come to rely on. Today was no exception! I always look forward to my Bi-Annual cleanings & Exams, but today, when I needed them to, the staff REALLY shined. Thank You all....See you soon." Dan P.

"I have never had an unpleasant appointment at this dental office. I totally would recommend this dental practice to anyone." Maureen W.

"The dentist was so pleasant." Mary C.

"Every time I come to this office the staff is very friendly and courteous. They put my worried mind at ease. It is always a pleasure all my needs are met every time by everyone." Denise S.

"Everything was done professionally with the utmost respect and friendliness." Ed M.

"Getting 2 fillings is not a fun thing to do but the procedure was painless and easy. I appreciate Dr. Wyatt and Angie being so kind and patient with me today. I always leave the dental office happy!" Kathy C.

"Great visit and my dental hygienist was and always is great!" Darryl J.

"You have the best staff in the world! Kimmie the dental hygienist is always so kind/nice, plus the receptionist is wonderful. Everyone at your office makes us feel like family." Phil W.

"Always a great experience, you all do a great job!" Jennifer

"Love them all!!!" Mirian S.

"LOVE Rhonda!" Kathy M.

"As always professional and quick. Also it lead plainless??" Dan B.

" Wonderful results!! Linda D.

"I walked in without an appointed when my son injured his teeth and gums at school. He was treated right away and he didn't have to wait to see anyone. It was awesome!" Maggie S.

"First time with this doctor and I was very happy. Also the assistant was wonderful." Peggy M.

"Kimmie is always great!! Love her!!" Gigi S.

"Dr. Porres is an excellent dentist. She seeks perfection in her work and is always kind and friendly." Jim P.

"Everyone in the office is very friendly and professional." Trey G.

"I can easily state that Advanced Dental Associates is the finest dental practice I have ever experienced. First, a little background on my qualifications to state an opinion on dental practices: I started receiving dental care in the early sixties in both civilian and military locations. Later, I received dental care in many different civilian locations across the United States. Due to many horrific experiences at both military and civilian offices, I avoided dental visits as much as possible. My bad experiences combined with my own, very poor dental hygiene, resulted in having crowns on all but six teeth. That said, when I discovered Advanced Dental Associates six years ago, I realized that keeping my teeth repaired and clean did not have to hurt. Everyone at ADA is kind, considerate, professional and supremely competent. For example: slightly over one year ago, I needed four, old crowns replaced in short order because of an upcoming trip to Europe (ever seen good looking dental work in Europe? Me neither). ADA accomplished the impossible and their crowns far surpass the ones I had before. The fit and finish are impeccable. As always, they were gracious, professional and produced their usual, outstanding results. As a very experienced recipient of dental work, I can give Advanced Dental Associates my highest recommendation for all dental procedures from cleaning through the nicest crowns you'll ever see. And best of all? It never hurts!" Hank M.

"My hygienist is very thorough with her checkups and has great personal and dental skills. Very satisfied with Kimmie and all in this office." Janice T.

"Your personnel and Dr Porres are always so personable!! I have always been totally happy with Advanced Dental!!"  Stephanie M.

"My family and I have been using this dental practice for 30 plus years. I say that says a lot for the people and the practice." Karla H.

"I enjoyed my visit with Kimmi and then with Dr Wyatt at Advanced Dental Associates. They examined my teeth, cleaned them and spoke of several future procedures. They gave the charges of each of the procedures and explained that I had a choice of correcting my teeth problem. The whole office is professional, kind, and caring...the whole office!" Nancy B.

"I had an unplanned issue with a loose tooth. They gave me a same day appiontment. Everyone was very nice and very professional and fixed me up so I could enjoy the weekend. Thank You" Robert E.

"April is an outstanding Tech. Always a true professional. Also, you need to talk Dr Joiner out of retiring. Great Dentist." Clark T.

"Great experience with Dr. Joiner and his staff. I can see why they came highly recommended by another person in the dental field. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family." Tim Y.

"This staff are supremely dedicated, impressively talented, and exceptionally devoted to not only meet, but continually exceed the needs and requirements of their truly beloved clients. I cannot say enough about their true professionalism, profound integrity, and undeniable ethics. IF you are looking for the best dental team on earth…look no further!!!" DJ W.

"This was our first visit to your office, and we were so pleased! Everyone greeted us promptly and pleasantly. The hygienists were very thorough and explained everything they were doing. Dr. Wyatt did a great job explaining things to my kids and me, and we are definitely going to brag about our visit!" Scott G.

"I appreciate you all getting me in so quickly. Everyone was very friendly and Dr Wyatt was super nice. I was very impressed with the office and staff and will definitely be back." Connie M.

"The office staff was wonderful and made me, who is very nervous at the dentist, very comfortable and at ease." Crystal

"Everyone in this office is professional and very friendly. I would highly recommend Advanced Dental Associates to anyone. Thanks for all you do!" Glenn

"I love this office! They take great care of me even thou I am an adult I was still scared to go to the dentist. Since finding Dr Joiner I no longer dread going to the dentist. He makes the whole process painless and is friendly to boot. Thanks." Tammy W.

"Kimmy done a great job cleaning my teeth today and she is such a nice lady! She is a great asset to your practice." Kristi S.

"I have been going to Advanced Dental Associates for years. Even after moving to Dahlonega, Ga. from Cumming, Ga., I continue my relationship with the practice. I changed my doctors with my move but I won't change my dentist. Everyone in the office is friendly, competent and I feel very safe under their care. I hope to have many more years under their care." Ann R.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Henderson at Advanced Dental Assoc. for 15 years. In that time both Dr. Henderson and his staff have shown me nothing but the best in care and customer service. I have referred several friends and family to this practice and they have all been pleased. If you are looking for a new dentist these are the one's for you." Mike Mc.

"I have been coming to this dental practice for over two decades and have always been very satisfied with the service and care that they provide. My dental hygienist, Kim, is a sweetheart, even though she sometimes tortures me with her very sharp, pointy instruments! (but she does offer her patients a heated neck wrap before the torture session begins!). Dr. Henderson has a very calm, gentle, soothing soul...I think he must be great with children, helping to alleviate their fears and anxieties. Also, if a patient needs additional procedures that this practice doesn't offer or perform, they will refer you to Dr. Lamb, who is located in the same building. My parents have seen him on several occasions and think very highly of him, as well. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone searching for a new dentist!"  Kim S.

"I am pleased with my dentist and his office. Eileen S.

"The experience that I had today is consistent with the quality of every appointment that I have ever had at this office; and. I've been a client here for many, many years." George S.

"Kimmie is the very best hygienist and always makes me comfortable...even through the x-rays! Dr. Joiner is the only dentist I've had since I was a year old. He has the most caring and friendly staff...I love this place!" Gabrielle H.

"Jessica was very professional and did a great job." Linda G.

"Wonderful, professional practice!"  Joe T.

"Everyone is very professional and make you feel that you are special to them." Lola K.

"Great job Dr. Henderson and all the staff! We love Advanced Dental!" Andrew M.

"I have been with this group for over seven years, and I am so far highly impressed with their job performance. I moved one hour away from their office location, yet I feel obligated to travel that far to come to them for the care of my teeth. They are awesome!" Glory O.

"The staff is always cordial and very professional.They are friendly and take good care of me." L.E.

"After 20 plus yrs, of being patients of Advanced Dental, Rod and I are always so pleased with the care, concern and attention always given to us. In todays world of distrust etc. it is wonderful to always know that we will get the same good care as always. We deeply appreciate the entire staff, dentist, hygenist & assistance who are so very helpful. So from the "bottom of our heart" we congratulate you for having such a very sound dental practice that we can count on time and time again!!! You all are a real blessing in our lives!!"  Jeanie  S.

"My son was nervous about having his teeth pulled and he started crying. The dental assistant was amazing! I don't remember her name, but she put him at ease by reassuring him how well he was doing. The dentist, Dr. Wyatt, was very polite and professional." Allison N.

"The staff at Advanced Dental Associates were very helpful as always. My family and I are very comfortable having dental work done with them. They were very knowledgable regarding my insurance and answered all my questions." Dennis B.

"I have been using this dental group since I moved to this area in 1992 and have always be very satisfied. I always recommend this dental group to friends." Roger D.

"Dr. Wyatt is the best and I am so glad that I was able to come to him at his new practice. My teeth and mouth feel so fresh and clean!!!" Hermine P.

"Dr. Joiner has been my dentist for at least 20 years. I trust him implicitly even though I have had terrifying dental experiences during my childhood. I appreciate his care, research, and understanding of my personal concerns. His research on sensitive toothpaste cured my sensitivity, and I use whatever brand is on sale due to the completeness of his work. Also, the new little "tooth camera" helped me decide which direction to take in my dental care. I think Advanced Dental provides the best dental care possible"  Peggy J.

"My son and I met with Dr. Joiner today for a consultation. We were impressed from our arrival (what a friendly, knowledgeable staff), to our consultation (professional, thorough and results-oriented), to our booking for treatment (again - friendly, competent staff). We left with a positive outlook, feeling grateful for the referral. Walking in, I was apprehensive. Leaving, I felt blessed to have found you, knowing my teen's going to be in good hands, and that we finally found the right practice. Thank you!" Susan S.

"My experience was as pleasant as ever and would gladly recommend Advanced Dental to anyone. Thank you so such great care of our families dental needs and always being so gentle." Jeanie S. 

"I believe I received the best and most thorough cleaning I have ever had from April, very satisfied." MC


"Excellent service all around."  Dan S.

"I have been a patient so long all the doctors, technicians and staff know me--that makes a person feel good. Keep up the good work and patient care and I definitely will recommend Advance Dental!" Bill B.

"Kim is awesome!!!" Darice S.

"Dr. Joiner is wonderful. He totally caters to cowards. I felt no pain whatsoever, even though I had a cracked tooth." Mary B.

"This office was so attractive & made me feel at home. Everyone was so kind & helpful. Dr. Joiner made certain that I understood what he was going to do before, during & after the procedure. The smoothing music was very calming & took my mind of what was happening. I asked if I needed gas for pain & Dr. Joiner said I should not worry as he was not even going to give me a shot as I wouldn't need it. He was right--I never felt any pain or discomfort & was told to raise my hand if I needed relief. This was the most peaceful & calming dentist I've ever had in 71 years. I never thought I have a good experience in the dentist office." Patricia P.

"A very positive experience." Sue S.

"Rhonda is a fantastic hygienist and always does a great job." Kim M.

"I am new to the area & a new patient. I got lost & called the receptionist who gave me correct directions. When I walked in she was on the phone but gave me a "thumbs up)" without even hearing my name. Everyone was so friendly & happy. The office looks like a lawyer's office as it is so large & decorated so well. Kim was pleasant, thorough & friendly. Dr. Joiner examined me & told me exactly what he was going to do to correct my concerns. He even gave me my glasses so I could see the area that needed work. Kim got me a warm heating collar to wear & that felt great. My sister recommended his office & I'm grateful." Pts P.

"I have complete confidence in you and have for many years!" Maureen R.

"Dr. Porres is the best! She is totally professional, but has such a personable nature. She makes going to the dentist a pleasure! Angie did a great job and is so pleasant. They were both very punctual, which means a lot. They realize my time is important too. Thank you both!" Debbie E.

"Love the office everyone is sooo friendly, Daniel and I love Mrs Rhonda. Thanks everyone for making it very pleasant coming to Advance Dental." Robin H.

"All of the hygienists, dentists, and office staff are friendly and courteous and make my visit an enjoyable experience. Anyone who doesn't like going to the dentist needs to become a patient with Advanced Dental Associates. Thanks" Frank H.

"Amazing experience! I am so grateful to the staff at Advanced Dental Assoc. Luka's first experience of receiving a filling was so uneventful! Yay! Made is easy on mom and son!" Deena M.

"All staff were professional, caring and helpful."  Scott  F.

"Great service as usual. I've been a patient here for 30 years and wouldn't think of going anywhere else!"  David H.

"Kim is very good at her profession." Paul B.

"We appreciate the staff at ADA! They provide excellent dental care." Fran

"Kim and your entire staff is great." Deborah W.

"I have been coming to this dental office for a long time. EVERYONE in my opinion does a fantastic job. I have and will continue to recommend patients to you all. I have even moved to Commerce, GA but still keep coming. Dr. Debra (as I call her) is my dentist and I think she is fantastic." Debbie R.

"We had a great experience for my son's first visit to the dentist! Everyone was so friendly, and I couldn't have asked for a better hygienist! I was very pleased!"  Amanda R.

"Advanced Dental Associates actually makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience! They are ALWAYS prompt and extremely friendly. The way the receptionist greets you when you walk into the office waiting room sets the tone for the entire visit. She greets you like she is greeting a friend she is truly happy to see. :) (In today's hectic and stressful world, a warm and friendly welcome means a lot. It makes you glad you came.) I cannot recommend this office highly enough. I feel very confident that my family is in good hands. I tell everyone who asks for a recommendation for a dentist to search no more. I am very thankful that a friend pointed me in the direction of Advanced Dental Associates!" Kathleen K.

"I love my dentist, Dr. Joiner." Marcia W.

"Corrie Anne just loves Miss Rhonda."  Tammy M.

"My hygienist Jessica, was very professional, courteous, and gentle."  Bobby S.

"Very high tech. Will never go to any other dental practice." Jan G.


"Every person on staff is always smiling and happy when I visit. Maybe it's because I have the last appointment and they know it's quitting time! Seriously - a top notch, professional facility that maintains a home-grown atmosphere for all of us native Forsythians! I can't imagine going any other place for dental care! What would I do without Rhonda??" Kathy C.

"Kimmie, as always, is a great part of your staff. She made all my cleanings and checkups as comfortable and friendly as always. My wife and I love her!"  Bernard R.

"Rhonda has been my hygienist for close to 40 years. She is exceptional at what she does. She is both personable and professional and encourages all her patients to practice proper dental care. I've known others on the staff including Faye, Dia, and Dr. Henderson for several years as well. They are all top notch in my book. I would recommend Advanced Dental without thinking twice." Jeff G.

"I love Kim and Dr. Henderson! All of the office staff are so helpful and friendly. That's why I've been coming here for years. Good care is critical, but having kind, helpful people in the office is just as important."  Catherine A.

"Rhonda treats us like family for nearly 30 years now." Howard and Jamie U.

"After a computer mix up in my appointment time, the office was gracious enough to accomodate me with another technician. I have been a client of Dr. Joiners office for over 20 years and they have always been wonderful! Thank you to all." Susan T.

"Work done in timely manner dentist and assistant very competent and polite,friendly." WP

"My family has been coming to Advanced Dental for over 15 years and absolutely love it. I hear my co-workers complaining about their dentist and I always tell them how great our dental office is. You are the best with scheduling, as we have never had to wait more than a few minutes. It seems like as soon as you sign in, they are calling you back to the room whether it is for a cleaning or for a more involved appointment with the dentist. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, the office is always clean and fresh looking. I have recommended your office to several friends. I know at least 2 have come in and have been as happy as we are with your service. Keep up the good work." Lisa R.

"Thank you so very much for fitting me into your schedule! I was in and out and on my way down to John's Creek for a root canal where I was then in and out in under an hour. Have told many people this past week about Advanced Dental's excellence." Leslie S.

"When I moved to this area 15 years ago I first found an eye doctor and asked there for a referral to a dentist. "Dr. Joiner." Whoever that was did me a great service. Now my family goes and, speaking of family, my Mom and I have remarked that we feel Kim is missing at holidays--she's like family! Thanks for taking such great care of us!" Jodie D.

"Dr. Henderson and staff are fabulous and always so positive! Thank you, as always." Gigi S.

"Terrific staff and service!!! Barrie K.

" As always, a great, pleasant exerpience. Thanks!" Mary C.

"As always efficient and smooth. I receive excellent care at your office." Alberta C.

"I want to thank Kimmie for her wonderful patience with Drew. Thank you so much for making his first dental visit so nice."  Ashley V.

"As always a pleasant experience. Kim is great and all the staff is friendly and helpful!" S. Bo

"I arrived in place of my husband for a cleaning.  I appreciate your letting me take the appointment and your being able to complete an unexpected cavity repair/filling." Katie D.

"I wouldn't want to go anywhere else! Everyone there is so friendly and great at what they do!" Ann R.

"Jessica does a great job and is always super friendly and courteous." Mike V.

"Ms. Rhonda is the bomb!! So is Dr. Henderson!" Scott H.

"Y'all are the best. I love getting my teeth cleaned."  Jane D.

"I have always had a terrible experience at the dentist. I've been to 3 over the past 5 years and I started to refer to the dentist as a "torture appointment." I finally decided I just wasn't going to go anymore, when my husband convinced me to try his dentist. He's been going to your practice since he was a kid. Well, after 3 appointments he was right. Thank you for changing my perspective on the dentist." Mandy M.

"My visit this morning was an emergency. The staff was able to fit me in. The staff was curtious, professional and extremely nice."  Rosemary S.

"April is the best hygienist I have ever been to. So courteous and thorough." Chris B.

"The Best Dentist and Staff Ever!" Gale Y.

"Every time I come to your practice I am treated very well. Thank you. You guys are the BEST!" Simon P.

"Everyone I came into contact with were very professional, efficient and courteous. Keep up the good work." Larry H.

"Everyone at Advanced Dental is so friendly and professional. I always look forward to seeing Kimmie and Dr. Porres, they are exceptional!" Susan T.

"It is so nice to come into such an inviting office when you are under just a little anxiety!" Denise S.

"We love Kimmie! She is AWESOME! We would love for the new x-ray technology that exists for those of us with serious gag reflex issues!!!" Anne W.

"Today was Emily's first visit to the dentist and Kimmy made it a great one! Emily had fun and was not afraid! Kimmy did a great job showing her everything and making it fun! Dr Joiner was great with her as well!" Linda L.

"Always appreciate the courtesy and professionalism of all!" Linda A.

"All I have is positive comments to say about Advanced Dental. April, my dental hygienist, is wonderful. Dr. Porres is awesome! Highly recommend Advanced Dental to everyone! Overall a pleasant dental visit!" Gary N.

"I cannot say enough good thing about this dentist office . Have been with them for many years, they take good care of me and my teeth." Linda C.

"Jessica and Dr. Henderson take great care of me. Thanks a million!" Irv

"April, my hygienist, was professional, thorough and caring--as was Dr. Henderson who examined me after the cleaning." Scott F.

"I have been going to Dr. Joiner and Rhonda for years. They are very friendly and do a great job to keep my teeth in good shape. I actually enjoy going just to see them." Mary H.

"Same great service every time. Thank you." Gloria G.

" All members of the office staff are friendly and courteous and very helpful... Jessica does a awesome job cleaning my teeth and she is always very sweet and kind...Dr. Henderson is very professional and friendly...I have been going to Advanced Dental for many years and will always continue to go there..Thank you for always being professional and understanding..." Brenda J.

"Love Dr. Henderson. He is always kind and friendly and has a "person next door" demeanor. I always dread my dental appointments but leave the office glad that I took the time to take care of my dental health. Rhonda is the best! We will not allow anyone else to clean our teeth." Lynne. C.

"If I had to give you a rating it would be 5 stars. Everyone is friendly, timely, courteous. The office has a very comfortable, clean environment. My dentist has always been great and my hygienist Jessica does an outstanding job and very pleasant. I would be surprised if you were to find a better dentist office." Darryl J.

"I make all my medical and dental appts. so that I'm the first patient the provider sees. Everyone in your office is always there and ready to start upon my arrival. I couldn't ask for better attitudes or treatment." Jim H.

"Kim does a great job cleaning my teeth. She takes extra care around sensitive areas." Carla B.

"Kimmie and everyone there are THE BEST ! Friendly, Kind, and GREAT ! You make going to the dentist fun !" PW

"This was my first visit as a new patient and I was very impressed with the office, my dental associate April and Doctor Henderson. I was greated by Dia and welcomed to "the family" by all. What a great experience and I am sure I will be happy I moved over to Advanced Dental Associates!" Danny A.

"Keep up the good work. Thank you." Gloria G.

"I am very satisfied with my dentist office that is why I continue to drive a long distance to go to this office. Really could not ask for anything better. Great Job, Advanced Dental Associates!" Robin B.

"Love my dentist and his folks! Been going to them for 20+ years."  Winde S.

"Kimmie and Dr. Joiner are always a pleasure, even if the process involves some discomfort. They keep me coming back." Maura K.

"Kim is always so nice. she makes my visit much more pleasant." Barbara Y.

"Advanced Dental Associates continues to amaze me with their outstanding staff and friendly atmosphere. I have recommended ADA to anyone that will listen, as I have had nothing but exceptional service over the years. The entire team is knowledgeable and friendly, and they always take extra time to ensure all my questions are answered. I am very happy with ADA and would highly recommend them." Matthew S.

"Rhonda did her usual outstanding job and I'll be back on May 1st." Ed M.

"I am blessed to have such good folks to take care of me and my family!! I feel as if I can call for help at any time." Marjorie P.

"My visits are always an excellent experience. Thank you." John A.

"As is always the case, Dr. Joiner and staff provided me with excellent dental care in a timely fashion. There is a reason I have been visiting Advanced Dental Associates for more than 20 years- Excellent dental care, very professional staff, and friendly home-town atmosphere. I wouldn't go anywhere else."  Bud G.

"I always feel welcome and receive excellent customer service from everyone at Advanced Dental. I do not feel like a patient but part of a family each time I go for a visit."  Carla G.

"I always have a good feeling when I come in the offices of Advanced Demtal Associates. Everyone is very friendly and concerned about your problem.  April and Dr. Henderson are my very favorites - they are wonderful!!!!!!"  Bonnie K.

"Dr. Henderson and the all the staff are the best - can't imagine going anywhere else!" Debbie O.

"Kim is ALWAYS a wonderful hygienist. I enjoy her friendly demeanor. I also love the little extras, like the warm neck wrap. Awesome! Never a complaint." Christine H.

"I had a great experience with Advanced Dental Associates. Every staff member made me feel comfortable and made sure that I fully understood my situation. I now have my whole family with Advanced Dental Associates." Denny B.

"Thanks everyone! Always a pleasure seeing you. And thanks for taking care of my problem so quickly. Have a great weekend." Elaine C.

"Nicest and friendliest office ever! Very professional and competent staff and doctors. I almost feel asleep during my teeth cleaning!" John M.

"Dr. Henderson was sensitive to my concerns and we discussed several options. He did not try to sell me on any one solution or to get me to take action immediately. I greatly appreciate that the consultation was comped." Judy P.

"I've experienced private dental care in many states of the US as well as several military bases in Germany. Dr. Joiner of Advanced Dental Associates in Cumming, GA is the best by far! The front office is very friendly, efficient and the dental work is simply outstanding. Book your appointment with confidence - you'll not be disappointed." Hank M.

"What a fantastic Team! The receptionist was AWESOME and worked with me above and beyond the call of duty to get me in for an appointment with little notice. For the first time EVER I was contacted by your office when someone cancelled and offered the slot. Everyone tells you they will do this but I've never had a call until now. The Doctor's assistant was wonderful.. She was very thoughtful and took the time to help calm me. I'm not the best patient when it comes to the dentist! LOL Anyway, by the time the doctor came into the treatment room I was watching TV with a warm neck pillow around my neck. I was confused as I felt like I was at the spa. The doctor explained my options and quickly got me on my way. I also appreciated the Front Desk staff coming to my room to let me know what to expect financially. Again, no surprises. Thank you all for a very good experience. I would have no trouble referring family and friends to your practice." Jeannie W.

"Very pleased with my visit." Randy F.

"Today was just a cleaning, but I have to say that April provides the most thorough examination that I have ever had. She is also seems concerned with my dental health and overall wellbeing. She does her work carefully and doesn't hurt me. The staff is always great.  I'm sorry I don't know them all by name but Dia and the rest are the best.  Dr. Henderson is the best dentist that I have ever visited. I like him, and I don't like dentists." Jeff P.

"Everyone works so hard to make things as pleasant as possible. My comfort is always important to all staff members and doctors." Pam M.

"All you people there are super!!!!!!......I try to send all my friends and family to your office................. Thank You guys .....for caring and hard work!!! Deborah A Martin (Ryerson)....see you soon..."  Deborah M.

"Dr. Porres and Ms Martin ,If there is such a thing as an excellant visit to the dentist ,I expirenced one this morning. Thank You," Annette M.

"We love our new Dentist! Thanks for making it a wonderful experience for everyone!"  Diane B.

"We always have a good experience at ADA! Everyone on staff is courteous and kind. We have never had to wait longer than 5 minutes in the waiting room. We've seen each dentist at some point and it has always been a pleasant experience. Our entire family uses ADA!" English A.

"I have been a patient for 12 years and have always been very pleased with all of the staff and services. I was one of those people that had dentist phobia, but Dr. Joiner helped me to overcome all of my fears. Thank you Dr. Joiner."  Mary B.

"Thank you very much for fitting me into your busy schedule - my sore tooth and I very much appreciated this!" Beth K.

"Everyone at your practice is professional, friendly, and excellent at his or her job. My children have been seeing April for about 6 years now and we all adore her. I have often said if I could clone her and have her be their pediatrician, babysitter, teacher, and coach I would never have another thing to worry about:)"  Christy S.

"Very friendly staff! I'm not a huge fan of going to the dentist, but I was very pleased with my visit....actually kind of enjoyed it!" Sarah D.

"From the time you sign in until you leave everything is professional." Roy W.

"This is the dental office I would want to operate if I had become a dentist. It is very apparent that the employees love working here. This office is modern and large enough to handle most any dental need, but not the newer practice model where you are seen by a different Hygenist at each appointment and by a different Doctor for only the last half minute of your visit. I moved to GA four years ago and wish I had found Dr. Joiner's office sooner. I have already referred a co-worker." Doug Z.

"Very satisfied . Your staff is excellent."  Don K.

"This is the happiest , most gracious medical office that I and my family visited. Thank all of you for excellent and exceptional care. Love and Blessings to all."  Diane P.

"Awesome as always! love the family atmosphere!"  Christy P.

"Kimmie was great during our visit, professional and kind and made our appointment a breeze. She is a gem and I would highly recommend your office to a friend." Melissa K.

"Very happy with every aspect of my appointment and looking forward to my next one." Donald H.

"Dr. Porres is the "greatest" and so thankful to have someone like her. The staff at the office are always courteous and friendly." Betty M.

"Great job! No pain whatsoever with the pain shot or the procedure. Very satisfied." David H.

"Dr. Henderson is a great dentist,everyone was friendly,I would easily refer."  Cathleen M.

"Special thanks to the entire staff for making our visits to your office such a smooth and friendly experience. Considering I am a "class A" make every effort to keep me comfortable at all times. A special thanks needs to go to "Kimmie," who has cared for my husband and I for many years.... keeping our teeth as healthy as possible....even though that is a challenge with our cranky gums. Without her care, I fear we would have had to sacrifice the good health we enjoy. Dr. Joiner has always been remarkable in his care and treatment. I trust him to always provide the correct treatment. Thank you! A special note of thanks for the new "lovely," oral surgeon I met today. After working with her, I am completely comfortable with her talent and gentleness. She earned my trust immediately. What a TEAM you all are. Thank you again."  Jeanne K.

"I have always loved Advanced Dental. The staff is always friendly and the service is excellent. If I ever move I would probably fly back here just to see them!"  Trent H.

"It is one of the most professional and well run doctor's offices I have ever been in! You do a great job from scheduling or re-scheduling appointments to realizing the patient's time is valuable also. The front office, dental assistants, and doctors do a great job making their patients feel very comfortable! Keep up the good work!" Joann C.

"I experienced a very pleasant office visit Wednesday. The services rendered were professional and well executed. I will highly recommend Dr. Joiner and his staff." C.C.

"Had a filling replaced. Painless! Not even the Novocain shot hurt!" Robert O.

"Very impressed. Thanks to Kimberly for making my experience so enjoyable. I will refer whomever I can." Blake Y.

"Dr. Henderson was wonderful as always!" Kelly E.

"Thank you for taking me on such short notice with my toothache. As you are probably aware I now have a tooth for the "tooth fairy" Unfortunately that's not true because it came out in pieces. Nevertheless I am doing well and I really appreciate everyone's help."  Hap E.

"Jessica was very thorough with my dental cleaning as well as Dr. Henderson with my evaluation. Everyone was so pleasant and helpful during all of my visit. Dia gave me a warm welcome upon arrival and Lisa was happy to submit my bill to my insurance plan. What a great experience, as usual." Dr. Jim P.

"All the employees at this office have always been very nice to myself and my family. We are very pleased with the service. Thanks all!!" Robert J.

"Kimmie is the best!! She has taken me under her wing and encourages me at every turn. Even when we have to do x-rays!!" Tim S.

"Thanks to the staff for taking care of my dental emergency, giving an estimate, referral & schudeling future appointment." Carole K.

"Both April & Dr. Joiner are first rate care givers." Bruce T.

"Excellent service Everyone!!" Duke O.

"Your entire staff is always so nice and friendly. And I don't think I have ever sat longer than 2 minutes in the waiting room. I just love Kimmie Mathews. I wasn't even seeing her today but she came over to say hello." LeAnn W.

"Dr. Henderson is a kind man. He was very quick about the job and did it very good! I was very nervous but he made me feel at ease and it didn't hurt when he filled my cavity."  Clarissa Q.

"I am always greeted with a friendly hello. I think everyone is very professional and helpful. Thanks for a job well done." Robert C.

"I'm happy to find a dentist that is honest and did't insist I have work done that I didn't have to have done." Wylene J.

"I love Advanced Dental Associates. Love all the Staff there."  Wendy G.

"Dr. Henderson and Cheryl took great care of me and were able to re-cement my crown in about 30 minutes !! You guys have ALWAYS been great !!"  Ben E.

"I am a very new patient and I was a little nervous about the transition after being a patient with another dentist for over 25 years. I have had three visits to Advanced Dental and I feel very comfortable and at home.  Dr. Joiner has a very welcoming personality and does excellent work. I am well pleased with my choice." Susan C.

"Dr. Joiner went out of his way to explain my situation and to refer me to a specialist to complete my treatment. Thanks Dr Joiner for your care and concern. Also had the best teeth cleaning from Kimmie, she is the best!" Lynn H.

"Everyone was great. I understand completely what I am dealing with. The dentist was very nice and explained with great detail. I will be back and bring my family too!!!! Thank you all very much." Ashley P.

"I have, and will continue, to recommend people to your practice. We are extremely happy with the care that we receive." Bill R.

"If Jessica had been there when I had my first encounters with Dentists, maybe I wouldn't be SO reluctant to come to the Dentist. She is wonderful!!!!!" Kay P.

"Advanced Dental Assocates is the greatest! Everyone is always friendly and professional and very accomodating to get our family in at the same time. When someone wants to know about a good dentist, I do not hesitate to refer them to Advanced Dental Associates." Trassa Q.

"Outstanding operation-best I have ever seen"  Zett H

"Dr. Joiner has been my dentist for 20+ years and while the location and or surroundings have changed over the years, one thing has remained constant, the staff is always friendly and professional. I consider Dr. Joiner a friend as well as my dentist and would and do recommend his practice at every opportunity." Larry R.

"Kimmie, Dr. Joiner & staff are the best !" Tony T.

"Kimmie was very professional as usual and I enjoyed my time getting my teeth cleaned." William M.

"I actually enjoy going to get my teeth cleaned. The atmosphere is comfortable and everything is done in a precise and thorough process. My dental hygienist has a great sense of humor and I always leave the office laughing!" Marcial W.

"The staff is always so friendly! We look forward to coming to the dentist!" Ashley C.

"Anytime I come to Advanced Dental, I feel very confident I am going to get the best care possible." Latrelle L.

"I really enjoy my visits. The only thing that would make it more fun is if it were FREE! When I win the lollery I promiss to make appointment 4 times a year. You front desk guys are the most fun. You take the sting out of PAYING! Thank." Glynn S.

"We relocated from Cinci, OH to Cumming, GA in August 2012, so this was our first experience with your practice. Bottom Line: Our entire family has just had their initial visit/check-ups, and your entire practice (Staff, Service, Office) are superior....thank you, and we will refer you to others." Rich & Julie H.

"As always, Rhonda and Dr. Henderson were a pleasure!" Kathy C.

"I always have a pleasant experience at Dr. Joiner's office.  All of the staff makes me as comfortable as possible!!!" Kathy G.

"Everyone is very friendly and professional. I always have a good time. Wonderful practice!" Lynne C.

"Kim Matthews was great!!! She was very gentle and I did not hurt at all afterwards, which happens to me often! She was very friendly and smiled a lot, which made me feel comfortable! I really enjoyed my visit!" LB

"Dr.Joiner takes care of me and my family sense we came to the U.S.A 32 years ago!  We are very satisfied with the care we received at this practice!" Melitta H.

"I am always treated great when I come in to get my teeth cleaned.  Jessica is always friendly and does a great job and is very gentle when she is cleaning my teeth. I would recommend this dental office to anyone." Glenn C.

"I love Kimmie......and Dr Henderson!" Teri W.

"Will Rogers said, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." What a GREAT first impression I had today at your office! Going to the dentist is not something I enjoy however, I had a very pleasant visit with your professional and courteous staff! Keep it up, this sets you apart from others in your field!" Carl S.

"My family and I have used you guys for years.  Rhonda is great!  She always makes us feel comfortable and does a very good job.  We are very pleased, also your office staff is very professional and kind, never had a problem and look forward to using you guys for years to come, thank you for your hard work and great service keep it up." Buck F.

"This was my first appointment and I was very impressed. Everyone was friendly and the services provided were excellent." Hap E.

"Mrs. Rhonda did a great job today.  I have to be honest and say that I do not look forward to dental appointments, but she always eases my nerves and makes the appointment enjoyable. Thanks for doing a great job and always having a smile!" Elizabeth M.

"Thank you all for being kind, professional, and caring. I moved and drive past many a dentist now to get to you. No way I'd switch. Heck, I feel like we're family!" Jodie D.

"The staff is very freindly and helpful. Very up to date computer system, everythings on line you need before the vist and you know exactly how the insurance will handle your claim while in the office." Jerry W.

"Great care and atmosphere is why I have been a patient for so many years!" Audrey M.

"Kim and Dr. Joiner were great as always and the staff was very courteous. Good visit as always." Casey R.

"The staff is always so nice and my hygienists Kimme is very good and try's hard not to hurt in cleaning teeth. Dr. Henderson is awesome and gentle in working on my teeth. I would recommend to anyone." Nina M.

"I started with Advanced Dental upon my arrival here from Colorado because it was convenient. That was 21 years ago. I have since relocated about 35 miles away. There are several dentists close by but I prefer to stay with a known quality. I have always been treated well and have never been dissatisfied with the results." T.

"As always, my experience at my visit was great. Everyone is always very friendly and knowledgeable." Jennifer T.

"Great service! Good cleaning job without any harsh stabbing." David R.

"My family has been ADA patients for several years, and we were concerned when there had to be a change with our hygenist quite some time ago. It didn't take that long to be concerned again about losing our current hygenist, April - I don't know what we would do without her taking care of us at ADA. She has always been nice to our family, and she does her job well. She takes the time to converse with us, and it is nice knowing about her family. She always takes the time to make us feel comfortable and welcome, and she knows our history. She is not afraid to give you an honest and professional opinions about your teeth care, and I appreciate that - she is passionate about what she does, and it shows. The thing that strikes me the most about April is that she is always consistent visit after visit. I know that any hygenist could easily be a segment on the Dirty Jobs tv show, and for her to do this on a daily basis is commendable. I'm inclined to believe that she offers this same level of service to all of her patients. We are equally pleased with the rest of the ADA family and our experiences there. We know that we can depend on Dr. Joiner and ADA. Thank you April and ADA." Colby C.

"Thank you for the wonderful service I received today!" Carole H.

"The front office was extremely helpful when rescheduling my appointment due to an emergency. They were able to get me in sooner and even took the time to call several times with new times that could work with my schedule. Kimmie is a wonderful hygienist who really invests time into her patients. I love going to the dentist because of her." Bob M.

"The front office was extremely helpful when rescheduling my appointment due to an emergency. They were able to get me in sooner and even took the time to call several times with new times that could work with my schedule. Kimmie is a wonderful hygienist who really invests time into her patients. I love going to the dentist because of her." Andrea S.

"I have been going to this office for 20 years they are awesome !" Terri S.

"A friend recommended this office to me, and I am so glad she did! We look forward to going to this dental office due to the extraordinarily warm staff and inviting environment. So easy to get to as well! I recommend it to everyone I know."  Kathleen K.

"I always leave satisfied with my interaction with the staff, dental associate and hygienist. They are all great." Alicia E.

"My family and I are very happy with the quality dental care we consistently receive at Advanced Dental." Darbra M.

"25 year patients of Advanced Dental and would not think of going anywhere else!" The B's

"Even as an adult, I still have a fear of the dentist due to an experience as a child. At one time I would not go to the dentist even for a simple cleaning. Now I am recommending my own customers from work to Advanced Dental & I wouldn't go any where else." Dottie S.

"We love the staff at Advanced Dental and Kimmie is a fantastric hygenist! Happy Holidays to you all!" Kim C.

"You walk in the door and are greeting before you even walk across the office to the window. The receptionist greets you by name and almost before you sit down your hygienist meets you in the waiting area AND you are 10 minutes early! The hygienist offers you a warm neck pillow and asks which TV channel you would like to watch.  The staff members always greet you with a smile and greeting before you even approach their desk as you are leaving the practice escorted by your hygienest. I would definitely and I have recommended several of my family and friends to this practice with the confidence their expectations would be exceded."  E.G.

"Always a nice visit. Kimmie is awsome!" Melissa G.

"Thank you for taking such good care of us." Willie M.

"Rhonda is the best dental hygienist ever!!! Always thorough and very sweet! It's always a pleasure!!" Casey S.

"You all are awesome. Thank you for a pleasent experience. I was very nervous and anxious but the doctor and assistant talked me thru it." April T.

"Just loved the added touch of the new neck warming pad." Barbara P.

"I have always been treated courteously at this practice and I usually even enjoy my appointments." Catherine H.

"Love the staff and love Kimmie! Thanks for all you do and have a wonderful Christmas!" Jinny T.

"Always great, fast friendly service." Chevi G.

"April is great. She goes far above & beyond. Totally professional." Doug M.

"I LOVE YOU GUY'S!!!!" Eva A.

"I loved the warm neck wrap. It was wonderful!" Hilda G.

"Jessica is ALWAYS prompt, friendly and thorough! She is a pleasure to be around! The girls up front are always friendly and helpful. Wouldn't think of going to any other practice for me or my family!" Garry P.

"You Rock!!!!!!!" Carlisle P.

"Everyone always does a great job. I always feel very comfortable here. Thank you" Laura P.

"Kimmie is amazing !! And the office staff are like family to us ! Love you guys !" Barnett Family

"First visit and your office is awesome! Thanks for the great care and making me feel at ease." Valerie B.

"I've always been a patient of ADA. As a child, my mom got my appointment mixed up and the office was closed for vacation when we arrived...I cried because I didn't get to see the dentist! Now my children love coming to the dentist as much I do. Thanks for being a great dentist office for all age groups!" Christy P.

"Me and my family love you at Advanced Dental." John W.

"Nice job by all there." Rob M.

"I am always treated like family at your facility." Vincent M.

"I have always been terrified of any dentist. Probably because I never went when I was supposed to. My teeth needed help bad. My mother in law recommended you guys, and I have been happy ever since!! Thanks to Kimmie for making me feel so comfortable and at ease. She is the best!! Advanced Dental...You guys rock!! ;)" Tanya

"Excellent care, as I expect each time I am in your office." Alberta C.

"You all are awesome!" Karla T.

"It was the second attempt to have my 4 year old son's teeth cleaned, Jessica made my son T.J. feel at ease and in return T.J. let Jessica clean his teeth with no fuss! I was very pleased! Thanks for the great job!" Louise M.

"Everyone there is wonderful. The doctor and team always give great, consistent care. We have always had confidence in Advanced Dental Associates and Kimmie is the best!" Greg and Kathy P.

"I have been a patient at Advanced Dental Associates for many years and my dental care has been excellent."  Arletta B.

"Kim is great and Dr. Henderson is wonderful!  Receptionist & all staff professional. Your office is always clean & the cleanest physcian's office I've seen." Jo anne R.

"Having been referred to you, I walked in unannounced with a serious problem. I must say, I was treated with great concern for my problem and was taken at once to a treatment room. I am very thankful to Dr. Porres, Angie Martin and the staff for their help and will be using you for my future needs. Thank you," Barry W.

"I think that I saw Kim. She was wonderful. Thank you for the feedback questionnaire or I may have forgotten to take the time to make sure that she knows that I think that there wasn't anything that she could have done to do her job better. She was quick, understanding, and pleasant." Lara S.

"I was actually able to relax at the office today, with a nice warm neck pillow! That's going above and beyond. Thank you!" Karen S.

"Dr. Henderson and the entire staff are wonderful! Not only do they manage insurance claims wonderfully, but they make the experiece at the office a great one! I love having the nice neck warmer to help relax - great customer service!!" ARB

"My dentist office is excellent. I refer all that I can and I know and trust this practice.  Each and everyone gives the patients 100 percent of kindness and care. Dr. Bob Joiner is the best! And I always look forward to my check up, could go once a week if my insurance would pay.  Rhonda Cochran great job cleaning my teeth. Yesterday I called, had lost a filling, the office got me right in problem taken care of."  Nancy B.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Joiner for over 20 years. EVERY visit has delivered the same results. Dr. Joiner and his staff are always on-time for their appointments, friendly, kind and genuinely caring. Several years ago, I suffered a devastating accident that involved my teeth and mouth. Dr. Joiner went above and beyond my expectations and as a result my teeth and my mouth were saved. I can't recommend Dr. Joiner and his team highly enough. They are the cream of the crop." Vickie R.

"Each time we visit Advanced Dental, we are extremely pleased with every part of it! From the time we are greeted, to the time we leave. This is huge for our family because the last dentist we were with caused one of my daughter's extreme anxiety. She would literally cry the entire way to the dentist. Since we've switched to Dr. Hendersen and his dental team, she actually looks forward to getting her teeth cleaned. And she leaves with a huge smile on her face. I can't thank you all enough for the personal touches and the friendly smiles. It means so much to our family!" PJ F.

"We love Kimmy and always recommend your office to family and friends!" Linda L.

"My husband and I are very appreciative and thankful for the friendly and professional care we have received at your office. We are so thankful that we can count on you to keep our teeth in good condition as we feel this is an important part of our overall health. Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone there for the wonderful and friendly manner you treated my Mother before she passed away in 2004. You took care of her teeth even when she was in the Nursing Home. Thank you." Margaret M.

"We love Advanced Dental Associates! They are all gracious, professional, and friendly!" H. Snook

"Love coming to Advanced Dental Associates. Rhonda has been my hygienist for many years and I love seeing her. She does a great job and love the personal attention she always gives. Rhonda, Dia, Dr. Henderson and the whole staff are great!" Rita C.

"All staff at Advanced Dental are "always" courteous and professional. The appointment is like visiting friends." Jeri C.

"I had an emergency situation and was accommodated by everyone from the employee on the phone as well as Dr. Henderson. As always I felt confident I'd be taken care of. Walked away happy!" Sherrye B.

"My hygienist was awesome. I hate going to the dentist but she made it a pleasant visit. I actually enjoyed my visit and talking with her. I am so glad Cheryl recommended me to the office. I look forward to seeing you guys in a couple of weeks." Mike N.

"Kimmie is the best!! Dr. Henderson is kind and compassionate and very detailed in his check up. I am very happy with both of them! " Tonia B.

"Jessica does a great job as does the rest of the staff." Richard M.

"The lady at the front desk was very friendly. And, she called for my dental hygienist the second I wrote my name down on the check in sheet which resulted in a less than 5 minute wait! :) My dental hygienist is very pleasant. She does a great job cleaning my teeth and is very professional. I would say that my dental hygienist is the best dental hygienist one could hope for. My dentist was out that day but the dentist who took his place was very friendly and pleasant. The lady that checked me out was also very friendly and pleasant! Other dentist offices could take a lesson from Advanced Dental Associates. As a matter of fact, any service oriented business could take a lesson from Advanced Dental Associates." Darryl J.

"Kim is the best hygienist I've ever had. I have recommended your practice to several of my friends and will continue to do so." Carla B.

"I have been going to Advanced Dental Associates for 11 years now and have NEVER had a problem with the service, office staff, or cleanliness of the office. Everyone treats my family with professionalism, extra care, and with a personal touch every time we visit. We've referred several family and friends to Advanced Dental Associates because I know they will be treated right and I can recommend them with confidence." Tara S.

"I was very pleased with the whole visit.  Thanks for that was done for me." Barbara R.

"We always have a pleasant experience. Dia is always pleasant & greets everyone by name. My kids adore April which makes the dental visit more enjoyable. The whole staff is friendly & treats everyone like family. We have been going to Advanced Dental for many, many years & wouldn't ever go anywhere else."  Bonnie K.

"I actually look forward to going to the dentist because of the incredible staff they have. I could not be better pleased with any other dentist. I am their patient for life!" Judy

"Love you guys !!!"  Ben E.

"I LOVE my dental hygienist, Rhonda Cochran, but I have had nothing but a wonderful experiences with all of the staff and Dr. Henderson." Brooke B.

"Thank you very much April. If they had a 4 month plan I would be all over it !!!"  John

"We love coming and the addition of the plush blanket for winter went over very well with me girls!" Christine

"Kimmie did a wonderful job making my 3 year old feel comfortable. Thanks to her, my son loves the dentist and can't wait for his next appointment!" Andrea S.

"I had a great visit at the dentist on Oct 18th. Jessica always takes wonderful care of me and does a fantastic job of cleaning my teeth. She is always friendly and pleasant. Dr. Henderson is also always friendly and takes great care of my teeth. Thanks." Irv L

"Dr Joiner is the best. Love coming to your practice. Thanks for all your care of our family." Michael B.

"I have been going to Dr. Joiner for 29 years. I can not image going to another dentist. I hope he NEVER retires. Kim is so patient with me. I love her." Rosemary

"Kimmie is amazing. I live in Alpharetta but I will continue to drive to this dentist because of Kimmie and the office staff. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else..." Susan M.

"Outstanding atmosphere with very professional dental care. I actually look forward to getting my teeth cleaned here!" Pete M.

"The best dental practice in Cumming, GA!!" Suzanne C.

"Advanced Dental is the BEST!!!" Janice P.

"I was so welcomed when I came to my first visit on Friday. I was very impressed with all the staff and how professional it was. I was greeted in a very friendly manner and felt right at home. I will definitely be coming back and highly recommend your office to my friends. Thank you for being so kind and courteous." Mary E.

"Thanks for being so understanding and courteous. I could not have had a more pleasant visit." William P.

"I've been a patient of Advanced Dental Associates for fifteen years, and have always been impressed with the quality of the staff, the professionalism of all concerned and the care that I and my family receive." Ross S.

"Since I was a little child I was horrified to go to the dentist and got really sick days before...Not so in Dr. Henderson's practice with his nice crew! Thank you so much for the friendly and professional care!" Hannelore C.

"Rhonda does a great job and is always very friendly." Kim H.

"Knowledgeable friendly staff. Dr. Joiner was awesome as always." Kathy W.

"It is important to me for the appointment to begin on time and progress efficiently. I have never been disappointed with Advanced Dental." Larry H.

"April brightens my day as well as my teeth and I know I'm in good hands with Dr. Bob." Jan N.

"As always great experience !!!" Dale B.

"Everyone, from the front desk to back office staff makes me feel so welcomed and comfortable - just like family! Loved the warm neck wrap. Look forward to my next visit." Helen J.

"Friendly, courteous, efficient and thorough appointments. I appreciate your professionalism." Judith V.

"As much as I dislike "the Dentist" I just love everyone here! There have NEVER been any problems, they are the Best!!" Tommy B.

"I have the same hygienist every visit. I really appreciate how she knows my name and always seem interested in what's new with me. She is very personable and I really like that." Allison H.

"The office staff is so nice. They go above and beyond. Especially the girl that welcomes you into the office." Erin W.

"I tell everyone where my dentist is! Everyone is beyond nice and professional. For the first time I have a dentist that doesn't hurt you and doesn't state you need services that are not correct." Jennifer C.

"Rhonda and Dr. Joiner are the best in their field, I don't even mind going to the dentist anymore. Good work, pleasant surroundings and very friendly staff throughout the office." Bonnie D.

"Loved loved loved the hygienist who cleaned my teeth." Leslie R.

"Very nice experience. Thank you." John A.

"Your staff is always professional and THE BEST!" Clark T.

"I love your office!! Best dental hygiene and dentist I have ever had and I have had a few! Thanks so much!" Julie K-D

"The best Dentist, Dental Assistants, Staff and Office ANYWHERE! My brother and grandfather were dentists and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I'd drive from Atlanta if I had to. This office is run like a well oiled machine." Gale Y.

"A beautiful waiting room and very good dental rooms. Of course I am very prejudiced!! Everyone employed there is friendly and hard working." Betty J.

"I enjoy each visit!!" Robin C.

"From the moment I entered the office I was made to feel welcome, the treatment I received was very good and I have no complaint what-so-ever. I'm glad I was referred to this dental office and I will be suggesting it to others." Greta G.

"Dr. Joiner and Kim are very thorough and always on top of any new issues with my mouth. They are also very personable. I treasure their friendship and professionalism." Becky M.

"I grew up an hour from Cumming and now live here because of my job. Until a few years ago I would drive back home to my family dentist. I was referred to you guys and couldn't believe I was driving back to see my hometown dentist! You guys are wonderful! Always on time and super friendly. And I love my dental hygienist! I always feel like I've been to a spa for my teeth :) Thank you, thank you!" Jessica M

"I am very satisfied with the care I have received."  Gail T.

"I am grateful for the superior care I have received over the years at Advanced Dental Associates.  Dr. Joiner and my dental hygienist are the best. They make coming to my appointments a joy.  I appreciate the continuity of the same friendly staff year after year.  I am thankful for my dental hygienist, because she is very gentle.   I pray she will be my dental hygienist forever!!! Keep smiling" Lynn

"I always am impressed with the service each time I am there. Thanks!" PJ F.

"Rhonda is a joy, always friendly and sweet!" Nancy D.

"I was extremely pleased with Jessica. I asked for her for my next appointment. Thank you for your gentle procedure while caring for my cleaning." Loretta S.

"Doctor Porres and her assistant, Angie, did a WONDERFUL job with my 3 year-old son. I was very worried how the appointment would go being that my child is so young, but they kept him happy the entire time and were able to complete all the treatment planned. I can't tell you how comforting it was to hear him giggling throughout the appointment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great work you ALL do!" April D.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Joiner and his associates for 20 years. There's a good reason from my patronage-excellent dentistry!" PJ

"My experience was even more pleasant today because Kim gave me a warm neck pillow. It felt so good. Thanks." Linda R.

 "I am very happy with the service I receive, and confidently recommend you to others!" Celeste C.

"As always, I'm glad to see everyone at the office. I have known them and their friendly faces for so many years. Dr. Porres and her assistant are so thorough and take the time to tell me what is going on. They are the BEST!! I feel that all in the office are friends and not just herding us in and out. This is very important to me as a patient. I'm more than just a number. They all actually care." Stephanie M.

"I have referred others to this practice. We are both very satisfied and extremely happy with our care." Mary H.

"Dentists are great! So is the staff. All are like family and a great compliment to the whole practice. I have been with this team for about 40 years!!!!" Judy M.

"Kimmie is the nicest lady ever! She is so kind and makes going to the dentist fun! She really is T-H-E BEST! : ) : )" Phil W.

"Love this place!" Christi H.

"As always everyone at Advanced Dental treated us with complete respect, were courteous, efficient and always upbeat. They're friends more than a dental group!!" Charles C.

"When I moved from the Cumming area to Gainesville, I thought it would be a good idea to change dentists to a location closer to home. What-a-bad-idea! I have been spoiled by the folks at ADA. Now my whole family enjoys the superior dental care from ADA." Eric H.

"I was completely satisfied with my visit today. I did not even sit down before they call me back for my cleaning. I would refer anyone to your office; in fact I have already referred some." Joyce B.

"The staff is always friendly and makes a point to talk to you when you walk in!" Hali F.

"I've been a patient of Dr. Joiner since I moved to Cumming 20 years ago. He and his staff are professional, caring and just plain nice. I almost enjoy going to the dentist. I have all of my teeth and plan to keep it that way thanks to the guys at Advanced Dental!"  Winde S.

"Great Job - Hygienist was very thorough. Dr. Porres is always very thorough as well."  Cathy F.

"Dr. Joiner and Staff are always pleasant and seem to genuinely love their work. They are wonderful at getting you in and out, without making you feel rushed. Since I have been a patient of Dr. Joiner's and Kim's for over 10 yrs., we "catch up", the way families do! That's sort of rare, these days. It's nice to see the same staff every 6 mos., year after year!!" Melanie C.

"I really like April... She is gentle and very polite and friendly. A great dental hygienist!" Peggy

"My experience with Advanced Dental Associates has always been very positive. Everyone is so nice and competent. Dr. Porres is such a perfectionist and so dedicated to her patients. Angie is great and loves to contribute to the patient's dental education. I love the wonderful, kind, expert care that I always receive when I visit from everyone. I used to hate to go to the dentist.....not any more!" Dr. Jim P.

"I am very pleased with my hygienist, Kimmie Matthews. She is a very caring and professional hygienist with genuine concern for her patients." Janice T

"All your office staff, our technician, and dentist are always friendly and professional. You have the best receptionist crew of any of the offices we visit, by far! Keep up the good work!" J. Mask

"I appreciate everything I home school mom of five my hours are limited but Advanced Dental Associate is so caring in giving us always the priority. My Family loved Going to the Dentist! Its so true .Thanks for caring." Carol B.

"We have used ADA for several years and have been very satisfied with the service we have received. To the point of referring our neighbors and friends." Vicki S

"I love the office staff. Dia always greets me with a smile and Kimmie is an awesome hygienist!!!!!" Kimberly C

"Thank you so much for thinking of me this week.  So many of your staff are just like family to me. Thank you for all you do for others." Janice T.


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